Did you know that the majority of our donors are individuals who contribute monthly? Many of you send $20, $30, $50, or $100 a month and we view you as the backbone of this organization. We would not be able to accomplish our mission and serve foster families in our community. 

Caring for the vulnerable, abused, and neglected is NEVER EASY, but ALWAYS worth it. We have designed an exclusive t-shirt to say thank you to our recurring monthly donors. YOU ARE THE VAULT VILLAGE and we are so grateful for you! Please fill out the form below, so we can get that t-shirt to you!

T-shirt Sizes for Monthly Recurring Donors

If you have a monthly recurring donation set up with Vault, we would like to send you a t-shirt to say THANK YOU! Please fill out the short form below to indicate your name, t-shirt size (adult sizes only), and shipping address.
  • Please list the same name your monthly donation is associated with.
  • Due to limited quantities/sizes, we cannot guarantee that you will get the color of your choice, but we will do our best!
  • Only adult sizes are available.
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